UNAD Florida University

We offer 100% online bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in the United States Career counseling with expert bilingual professors in English and Spanish.

If possible, earn an international degree.

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What is UNAD Florida's modality?

We are 100% online, without fixed schedules, with live classes, in Spanish and English.

  • Bachelor’s Degree of 120 credits – 39 courses (3 academic periods in one year)
  • Masters of 39 credits – 13 courses (4 academic periods of 3 months per year)
  • Doctorates of 60 credits – 15 courses (4 academic periods of 3 months per year)
UNAD Florida media tour with the objective of offering academic opportunities to the Hispanic community in the United States in an inclusive and accessible way.

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English courses

We help you acquire English skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening with a personalized approach and flexible schedules.

  • 3 classes per week of 1:30
  • Each level lasts 2 months

Experience real-time interactive encounters and innovative immersion with our 4D metaverse, to practice with native speakers.

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