Transient/ Visiting Student

A transient or visiting student is defined as a student currently enrolled at another college or university who wants to take courses at UNAD Florida for credit back to that college or university; a student who needs prerequisite courses to enter a program at another college or university; or a student taking one or more courses for personal interest or to transfer into another degree program abroad.


Visiting students must have permission from that institution to take one or more classes at UNAD Florida. These students may intend to transfer to or seek a degree at UNAD Florida.

Students can take up to 6 credits maximum on the graduate level that can be transferred into a degree-seeking program at UNAD Florida. Transient students are required to present the following:


Visiting students accept full responsibility for possessing or acquiring, by the time of enrollment, the knowledge and skills required for successfully completing their coursework at UNAD Florida. They assume responsibility for language proficiency as well.

Visiting students are responsible for requesting that an official transcript be sent to their home institutions after completion of coursework at UNAD Florida.

1. A Visiting Student Application Form. Completed forms can be sent by email to, or by regular mail to UNAD Florida, 490 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway Suite 120, Sunrise, FL 33325, USA.

2. A $100.00 USD non-refundable Application Fee. All Payments can be made online at our easy Online Payments Form.

3. Official transcripts from the current educational institution. The institution must be approved by the Department of Education.


UNAD Florida to another Institution


UNAD Florida may transfer credits obtained in appropriately accredited higher education institutions. The acceptance of the transfer credits is based on the similarity of the courses with UNAD Florida’s required program courses. The similarity is determined from course description, and the number of credits. This ensures that the accepted courses are equivalent in content and intensity to UNAD Florida courses in the desired academic program.

For applicants to an undergraduate program, a maximum of 50% of the credits can be accepted by the Transfer Credit Evaluation Committee. For Master’s programs, up to a maximum of 9 credits are accepted. For the doctoral programs UNAD Florida does not accept credits transferred from another institution.

For students who request a credit transfer, they must follow the following steps:

The acceptance of the transfer of credit from UNAD Florida to another college or university is at the discretion of the transferring school. It is the responsibility of the student to check with prospective receiving school to ensure credits will be transferable.

a. Submit a written request to the admissions department to start the credit transfer process. The student must send the request to the email:

b. Provide payment of the credit transfer fee of $150 to start the evaluation process, PLUS $30 for each transferred course. Payment can be submitted through the university’s payment portal.

c. Submit an official or certified copy of the transcripts and course description to the admissions department; these must contain unit-credits and completed grades.

d. For international students, academic transcripts must first be evaluated by an appropriate evaluation agency belonging to NACES ( This requirement doesn’t apply for students transferring from UNAD Colombia.

e. The evaluation results by the agency need to be submitted to UNAD Florida before starting the review process

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