At UNAD we believe:

In the restorative power of values, ethics, respect, discipline, debate, conciliation between the members of our university community and other social actors in the country.

In the strength that generates in people the integration of professional and human quality as a result of a reticular and intelligent work.

In the need to qualify our students, teachers, tutors, advisers and officials at all levels to achieve an equitable, fair and enterprising society.

That our institutional commitment is to promote respect as a basic element for personal and professional self-realization.

In the creative potential, in the critical attitude, in the hard and honest work of our university community.

In the “Education for all”: in any place and moment of life, fundamental for the prosperity of all.

In the institutional excellence and in the capacity of our graduates to generate progress.

In freedom action, thought, worship and political ideas as pillars for peaceful coexistence, solidarity and tolerance.

In the idea that our rights must be the result of the proper exercise of our duties.

In the importance of working so that social projection and research generate better living conditions


UNAD Florida education seeks to instill and develop in the students the following dimensions:

Ethics, Social Responsibility, Sustainability (environmental, cultural, technological, economic, financial)

Economic Development, Entrepreneurship

Interdisciplinary Thinking and Integration of Knowledge

Critical Thinking

Quantitative Thinking


Global Dimension (global cultures, religions, political, legal and economic systems, languages)

Information Technology

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