Program Description

Our best MBA programs online offer every participant a chance to work on their personal and professional skills while giving them an insight into the complex demands of today’s competitive market. Our MBA programs are designed to train young minds for the critical nature of the international business, along with various management problems through teaching, research, and consulting.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) enables students to hone their research skills and methods while making use of the latest theory in the discipline so they could implement, define and evaluate effective decision-making strategies that are essential in personal and professional growth.

Program Objective

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program is primarily designed to make sure that young minds are ready for the modern business industry in the regional and global arena. We aim to produce graduates who are capable of grasping the dynamic practices along with fully comprehending contemporary business practices and issues.

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Plan of Study (39 credits)

Program Courses

Program Courses: 39 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Credits Pre-Req
BUS5101 Management 3  
BUS5102 Marketing 3  
BUS5103 Human Resources 3  
BUS5204 Organizational Desing & Development 3  
BUS5205 Business Strategies 3  
BUS5206 Leadership 3  
BUS5307 International Business 3  
BUS5424 Master Elective (MBA) 3  
BUS5309 Elements of Business Law 3  
BUS5410 Managing Information Technology in a Global Context 3  
BUS5421 Corporate Financial Management 3  
BUS5422 Project Evaluation and Management 3  
BUS5400 Master’s Project  3  

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