Dear Student:

Our current society presents many challenges and opportunities that require preparation, knowledge and attitude to face and carry out with vision, passion, dedication, excellence and quality. If you are visiting this page it is because you have become aware of the need to explore opportunities, take on new challenges and respond effectively to the demands of the labor market today and tomorrow. Keeping up with the skills and resources that’s required in our current time is crucial to success.

UNAD Florida has established itself as a provider of a quality and meaningful educational experience in a virtual and remote environment. Our efforts and principles are to be an international university, working with the community and business sector to contribute to the improvement and socio-economic growth of every region. I encourage you to review our academic programs and continuing educational offerings. We continuously strive to improve our course content to keep our programs relavent and pertinent in an ever-evolving society.

Whether you want to start a new career path, specialize or continue one that you may have already begun in your home country, call one of our academic advisors to explore the possibilities available. Our academic advisors are here to help you with this process.

We are willing to work with you during and at the end of your academic journey to ensure you feel fulfilled and prepared not only to deal with a difficult world, but to also help and support those most in need. Dare to succeed, excel, and make your dreams come true. I invite you to take a leap towards this great educational opportunity.


Executive Director

UNAD Florida

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