Program Description

This program seeks to emphasize theories and techniques which give students the ability to adapt to rapid changes in communication technology. Upon completion of this program, students will become part of the rapidly evolving communications industry.

Students will be able to combine the knowledge of required core courses in the liberal arts and sciences with courses that embrace critical thinking and communications competences. They also will be able to exhibit technological competences in areas like audio, video, web 2 design and new media, printed material, and online mass media communication. Students will become broadly educated multimedia professionals that will be able to assume, with open-mind, leadership and entrepreneurial positions within the communication industry.

Program Objective

The B.A. in Mass Communication program prepares students to become part of the rapidly evolving communications industry. The program combines required core courses in the liberal arts and sciences with courses to ground critical thinking and communications skills in knowledge of diverse communications media. Students can expect our exciting blend of academic theory and practical skills to give them new insights into how they work and interact.

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Plan of Study (120 credits)

General Educ. Core
Program Courses

General Education Core Courses: 45 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Credits Pre-Req
BUS234 Computer Introuction 3  
COM111 English Composition I 3  
COM121 English Composition II 3 COM111
COM235 Communication Symbols   COM123
HUM123 Philosophy 3  
COM123 Fundamentals of Communication 3  
COM232 Language and Communication 3 COM111
HUM111 Government and Democracy 3  
HUM122 Ethics and Values 3  
MAT111 Algebra and Trigonometry 3  
MAT124 Statistics 3  
SOC234 Sociology of Culture 3  
SOC111 Sociology 3  
SOC122 Psychology 3  
MAT358 Statistics and Probability 3 MAT124

Program Courses: 75 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Credits Pre-Req
ADV351 Pedagogy and Advertising 3  
CMT361 Organizational Communication 3  
CMT472 Public Relations 3  
CMT473 Journalism 3 RAD241
CMT474 Graphic Design 3 COM359
COM246 Economics, Environment and Communication 3  
COM247 Ethics of Communication 3  
COM248 Theory of Social Communication 3 COM123
COM359 Media Aesthetics 3 COM248
ELE361 Elective I 3  
ELE472 Elective II 3  
MSM241 Legislation and Media 3  
MSM352 Image Semiotics 3 COM235
MSM363 Alternative Media & Participation 3 SOC233
MSM364 Media Production: Aesthetics 3 COM359
MSM365 Media Production: Radio 3 MSM241
MSM486 Media Production: Video TV 3  
MSM487 Media Production: Printed Material 3  
RAD241 Writing for Mass Media 3 COM111
RAD352 Social Research Methodology 3  
RAD485 Mass Communication in the www 3  
SOC233 Cultural Anthropology 3  
SPS476 Subjectivity, Materiality and Speech 3  
INT481 Internship 6  

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