Student Orientation

All new students in all programs must complete an appropriate orientation before starting courses. These are zero credit courses.

Competency-Based or Experiential Learning
UNAD Florida does not award credit for any work experience. UNAD Florida will only award credits transferred from another accredited university per our transfer policy.
Competency-based credits to expedite degree attainment are not yet practiced in UNAD Florida.

Notice of Admissions Decision

All UNAD Florida applicants will be notified of their acceptance or denial within 15 calendar days of submission of all proper requirements.
Appeals of Admission Decisions
Undergraduate and graduate applicants may appeal admission decisions to the Academic Dean. The Dean will request from the student any information needed to evaluate the appeal. The Academic Dean’s decision may be appealed in extremely meritorious cases to the Executive Director

Non-Discrimination Statement

UNAD Florida does not discriminate based on race, disability, national or ethnic origin, creed, color, sex, social or political condition, religious or social trade union beliefs.





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