Program Description

This program is a professionally oriented program that emphasizes the competencies required for management careers in the industrial field. The program prepares students for entering careers with management responsibility by providing knowledge about organizations and management fundamentals, techniques, processes and competences. Upon completion of this program Students will have the knowledge that matters most in a competitive business environment, such as supply chain management, logistics, administration, negotiation and management adaptability. Students will acquire strong analytical and communication competences, a thorough understanding of business principles and a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Program Objective

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Administration program is designed for students who seek to develop managerial careers. Students will build the skills that matter most in a competitive business environment such as negotiation and managing change. Students will acquire strong analytical and communication skills, a thorough understanding of business principles and a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship. The goal of this program is to develop broadly educated business professionals to assume a variety of careers in industrial administration.

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Plan of Study (120 credits)

General Educ. Core
Program Courses

General Education Core Courses: 30 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Credits Pre-Req
BUS111 Introduction to Business 3  
HUM123 Philosophy 3  
COM111 English Composition I 3  
COM121 English Composition II 3 COM111
HUM111 Government and Democracy 3  
SOC111 Sociology 3  
MAT111 Algebra and Trigonometry 3  
BUS122 General Accounting 3  
ECO121 Economics 3  
CES121 Introduction to Information Technology 3  

Program Courses: 90 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Credits Pre-Req
ADV242 Advertising and Publishing Market 3  
CMM231 Logistic 3  
CMM484 Occupational Health 3  
ELE471 Elective I 3  
ELE472 Elective II 3  
IND231 Industrial Goods 3  
IND242 Industrial Management & Design 3 IND231
IND353 Retail and Wholesaling 3 IND242
IND364 Prospective of Production 3 IND353
IND365 International Industrial Commerce 3  
INT481 Internship 6  
TCH241 Technology and Systematization 3  
BUS235 Costs and Budgets 3  
BUS236 Market and Management Development 3 ECO121
BUS367 Strategic Planning 3  
BUS369 Financial Management and Negotiations 3 BUS236
BUS470 Public and Contemporary Administration 3 BUS369
ECO232 Microeconomics 3  
ECO243 Macroeconomics 3 ECO232
ECO354 Economy Support, Promotion and Development 3 ECO243
MAN231 Administrative Theories and Processes 3  
MAN242 Organization and Methods 3 MAN231
MAN353 Entrepreneurial Diagnostics 3 MAN242
MAN354 Commercial and Fiscal Law 3 MAN353
MAN475 Organizational Behavior 3 MAN354
MAN486 Human Resources Management 3 MAN475
MAT358 Statistics and Probability 3 MAT111
MAT369 Qualitative and Quantitive Methods 3 MAT358
MAT481 Financial Mathematics 3 MAT369

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