To maintain an excellent online educational process by continuously reviewing and improving the quality standards with the implementation of an organizational evaluation system.

To apply a systematic design of instruction that guarantees the effectiveness of the instructional process by writing an instructional design handbook and training faculty in the application of the handbook’s content.

To assure a high quality teaching process by maintaining a faculty with the highest qualifications. To constantly improve our technological resources with modern hardware, software and communications equipment.

To foster online learning communities with the delivery of academic and social forums and other communication tools.

To instill in our instructors that human concerns need to be recognized in the classroom and should be dealt with.

To promote scientific research by organizing specific fields within the academic programs.

To promote educational projects for different populations that contribute to the acquisition of the new academic, technical or professional skills.

To prepare our students for a competitive global market by developing a critical and free­thinking leadership training.

To offer affordable programs in accordance with our commitment of recognizing accessibility to all socioeconomic groups.

UNAD Florida is not accredited but is seeking accreditation. Accreditation is a rigorous independent review process taking from three to six years for approval depending on circumstances. Accredited universities offer Title IV federal financial assistance thus we do not offer Title IV assistance. UNAD Florida cannot guarantee that during the length of your enrollment it will be accredited. Acceptance of credits and degrees taken at UNAD Florida is at the discretion of the receiving or evaluating entity. In addition, employers may not recognize degrees

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