Program Description

The online Systems Engineering degree program provides students with a solid education in computer science and programming. Upon completion of this program, students will demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of engineering principles, computer languages, tools and hardware currently related to the construction of software products. Students will be able to significantly contribute to a team’s effort with vision and leadership toward the goal of producing quality software and will be familiar with computer security threats, prevention, and countermeasures. In this program, there is an intense focus on Internet and database programming.

Program Objective

Upon completion of this program, students will have the ability to model and solve problems using the techniques of mathematics, physics, engineering science, operations research, applied probability and statistics, and computer simulation.

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Plan of Study (120 credits)

General Educ. Core
Program Courses

General Education Core Courses: 30 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Credits Pre-Req
BUS111 Introduction to Business 3  
CES121 Introduction to Information Technology 3  
COM111 English Composition I 3  
COM121 English Composition II 3 COM111
HUM111 Government and Democracy 3  
HST121 Computer Assembly 3  
MAT111 Algebra and Trigonometry 3  
MAT122 Algorithms 3  
MAT123 Differential & Integral Calculus 3  
NAS121 Physics I 3  

Program Courses: 90 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Credits Pre-Req
BUS233 Financial Economics 3  
BUS368 Informatics Auditing 3 HST479
BUS481 Project Evaluation 3 MAT111
CES232 General Theory of Systems 3  
NAS232 Physics II 3 NAS121
CES243 System Analysis 3 CES232
CES244 System Dynamics 3 CES243
CES355 System Design 3 MAT122*
ELE361 Elective I 3  
ELE472 Elective II 3  
HST232 Introduction to Programming 3 MAT122
HST243 Programming I 3 HST232
HST244 Computer Architect 3 HST121
HST355 Databases I 3 HST232
HST356 Programming II 3 HST243
HST367 Databases II 3 HST355
HST470 Internet Programming I 3  
HST478 Software Engineering 3 CES355
HST479 Databases III 3 HST367
HST481 Internet Programming II 3 HST470
INT481 Internship 6  
MAT236 Differential Equations 3 MAT123
MAT247 Numerical Analysis 3 MAT236
MAT358 Statistics and Probability 3 MAT111
MAT360 Operational Research 3 MAT358
MTI351 Operating Systems 3  
MTI362 Networks I 3 MAT351
MTI473 Networks II 3 MAT362
MTI484 Networks III 3 MAT473

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