Program Description

The Doctor Of Education In Educational Technology is offered for students who desire advanced professional training and academic preparation for the highest levels of educational practice.

The Doctor Of Education In Educational Technology in examines how new technology will shape the future education and to prepare learners to become education leaders who strategically manage and lead processes related to the integration of technology in various learning environments.

The focus is on the strategies and tactics needed to use technologies for the development of educational communities. Students will be challenged to investigate the strategic, social and financial implications of emerging technology in education. They will also be required to communicate their research results and prepare them for publication.

Courses are taught by experts in their respective fields who share knowledge and experience in areas of curriculum and instruction, educational applications of technology, interactive design for the classroom, and distance learning. The program is delivered entirely online.

Graduates of this program are prepared to become informed educators who meet the technological needs of educational settings and student populations.

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Program Objective

  • The Doctor Of Education In Educational Technology objective is to prepare teachers, administrators, and other professionals to lead educational technology efforts in a variety of contexts.

Plan of Study (60 credits)

Program Courses

Program Courses: 60 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Credits Pre-Req
EDU711 Doctoral Program Orientation Seminar 0  
EDU721 Qualitative Research 4 EDU721
EDU731 Quantitative Research I 4 EDU731
EDU725 Trends and Approaches in Educational Research 4  
EDU712 Technology Foundations in Education 4  
EDU722 Learning Process and Creativity 4 EDU712
EDU732 Evaluation of Educational Technology in Society and Education around the world. 4 EDU722
EDU742 Online Education 4 EDU732
EDU751 Design and Development of Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments 4 EDU742
EDU745 Educational Leadership 4 EDU751
EDU771 Planning and Designing of Learning Environments and Experiences 4 EDU751
EDU781 Procedures, Policies, Planning, and Budgeting for Technology Environments 4 EDU771
EDU752 Doctoral Seminar I 4 All Prior Courses
EDU762 Doctoral Seminar II 4 EDU752
EDU772 Doctoral Seminar III 4 EDU762
EDU795 Continuing Dissertation Seminar IV 4 EDU772

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