UNAD Florida is authorized by the Commission for Independent Education of the State of Florida under the license #2900, to offer bachelor, master and doctorate programs and granting the respectively diplomas. Consequently, those diplomas are legally valid everywhere according to the Department of Education of the State of Florida. UNAD Florida does not take any responsibility for the non‐ acceptance, validation, homologation, or equivalence of those diplomas outside the United States of America, since every country has their own laws, regulations and rules that compel their institutions to design their programs in particular ways. UNAD Florida will provide transcripts and diplomas with the apostille issued by the State of Florida, to all UNAD Florida students that request them.

Re-Entry Policy

The Institution expects students to complete all course requirements in a timely manner, so they will be able to complete their program into a reasonable period of time. Every student must register at least 1 course per semester in order to be considered a regular student. If the student does not register at least one course during two consecutive semesters will be charged a $100 fee and must take at least one course in the following semester otherwise will be notified that he/she will be considered inactive. If the student does not notify the University after three consecutive semesters without taking any course, then he/she will be considered withdrawn.

Students who left or were withdrawn by the administration and want to re-entry must send a letter to the Academic Dean, asking for re-entry. In order for the students to be accepted again, they must be in compliance with all the requirements for admissions. The petition will be reviewed and approved or rejected, based on the past attendance, academic and financial history.

Textbook Policy

At UNAD Florida we have two populations of students and try to provide what is the least expensive options as we are aware of the high cost of physical text books. Whenever possible we will utilize free information. However, when unable to do provide free resources, students will be expected depending acquire the guide texts of the course.

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