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The student must first complete Step 1 and pay the application fee and then proceed to Step 2 and submit their documentation to the Admissions Department for UNAD Florida Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Programs.

STEP 1.  Payment

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   STEP 2.  Submit your Documents

Submit Documents for enrollment

Students applying for enrollment in UNAD Florida programs must attach the required documents for the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs.

This process must be completed 100% and you must attach the required documents for enrollment in UNAD Florida programs.



Final decisions are rendered on a rolling basis.

Your UNAD Florida application and application fee are valid for one academic year. If you apply for one term and your timeline changes, we can easily roll your application to a future term. Note: The deadlines above are for students planning to enroll in one of the fully-online degrees offered through UNAD Florida.

Academic Calendar 2024
Term Program Start date Grades Due date
SPRING-A Undergraduate January 20 May 10
SUMMER-A Undergraduate May 20 August 16
FALL-A Undergraduate September 2 December 20
SPRING-B Graduate January 20 March 24
SPRING-C Graduate April 22 June 16
SUMMER-B Graduate July 15 September 8 
FALL-B Graduate October 7 December 1

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