Students must be prepared to pay in full or a portion of their tuition at time of registration. Students are required to pay in full or pay a deposit then discuss with the financial office tuition payment plans to pay the balance during the course of the academic term.

TUITION AND FESS – Class Schedule:

UNAD Florida programs are all online 16-week long unless explicitly stated in the catalog.

Below the tuition rates for a student to attend UNAD Florida are presented. Total program tuition varies by student depending degree program on the total credit hours required for that student to graduate.

Program Per Credit Hour Select
Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Engineering (120 credit-hours) us $ 105.00
Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Administration (120 credit-hours) us $ 105.00
Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial & Marketing Administration (120 credit-hours) us $ 105.00
Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication (120 credit-hours) us $ 105.00
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Psychology (120 credit-hours) us $ 105.00
Master of Arts in Education (39 credit-hours) us $ 230.00
Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) (42 credit-hours) us $ 230.00
Master of Business Administration (39 credit-hours) us $ 230.00
Doctor of Education in Educational Technology (60 credit-hours) us $ 450.00
Doctor of Business Administration (64 credit-hours) us $ 450.00
Academic Fees
Technology Fee (per academic period) us $ 25.00
Course e-books or instructional material (average per course) us $ included
Graduation Fee us $ 100.00
Non-Refundable Application us $ 100.00
Apostille (Authentication of Transcript and Diploma from other countries) us $ 90.00
Change of Program Fee us $ 100.00
Official Academic Transcript-Domestic us $ 50.00
Official Academic Transcript-International us $ 50.00
Education Records (per page) us $ 0.50
Payments made outside of the payment agreement terms, that is, outside of the pertinent academic period, will be subject to a late fee us $ 50.00
Replacement/Duplicate Diploma us $ 50.00
Florida private ceremony -Graduating Student (Each Guest) us $ 300.00 ($100.00)
Transfer Credit Evaluation us $ 150.00
Foreign Credential Evaluation Fee us $ 350.00
Re-entry fee us $ 100.00
All tuition payments must be paid in full on receipt of tuition bill. Payment plans may be established within each academic period and its details could be arranged in a case by case analysis. No payment agreement will allow for payments outside of its pertinent academic period, NO EXCEPTIONS. All fees are nonrefundable.

Payment Conditions

All courses taken in a given academic period must be paid in full before the start of said academic period, if a student is unable to comply and can provide sufficient information about their conditions, then each case may be considered for lenience, all of these in a case by case basis.

Students may choose to have their tuition and/or fees automatically charged to their credit or debit card, or wire transfer on a specific date of each month in accordance to the previous conditions. Credit, or debit card or bank information will be requested of students selecting this option to establish this. A Student Authorization to Charge/Wire form is required.

Forms of Payment
1. Personal Check
2. Money Order
3. Cashier’s Check
4. All Major Credit and Debit Cards
5. Wire Transfers


Students with outstanding balance will be subject to interruption of the platform access until the balance is settled.

Other Fees

Books and Learning
Students are provided with electronic textbooks accessible from the electronic library resources available in the LMS. 

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee is fully refundable if a student does not attend beyond Week 1 of a course. After this time, the fee becomes non-refundable. Students are charged the Technology Fee for repeated coursework.

Tuition Reimbursement Plan

Tuition Reimbursement may be selected as a payment option if your employer reimburses a portion of your annual tuition to you. Tuition is deferred a maximum of 30 days after grades are received, regardless of when you receive payment from your employer. Applicable fees are due on or before the start date of each course. To qualify, you must submit a signed Tuition, Reimbursement Certification and Authorization Form and include a valid credit card number with authorization to charge the card. This card will be charged once the 90-day deferment period expires if any balance remains on the account.

Documentation required for the Tuition Reimbursement Plan:

1. Tuition Payment Agreement
2. Tuition Reimbursement Certification and Authorization Form

Company Direct Tuition Reimbursement Plan

UNAD Florida will defer payment until one month after grades are posted for students that work for a company that will pay UNAD Florida directly after the student submits grades. If the company forfeits its obligation to pay, the student will have to pay any outstanding obligations and choose another option for subsequent enrollment.
Documentation required for the Tuition Reimbursement Plan:

1. Payment Plan Agreement
2. Company Direct Reimbursement Certification and Authorization Form




UNAD Florida follows the Commission for Independent Education rule 6E-1.0032 (6) (i), which establishes refund policies.

UNAD Florida charges tuition for a term, quarter, semester or other period that is less than the duration of the entire program. Students have one week after the course starts in order to drop it. If a student withdraws the course within the first week, all paid tuition will be refunded.

Students may cancel or request refund by filling out Withdrawal/Cancellation Form in person or sending it via email (

1. Cancellation/withdrawal may be made contacting the office of Admissions by email: or by phone at +1‐954‐389‐2277.
2. All refunds are attached to the add/drop period. The add drop period is the first calendar week of class. Cancellation/withdrawal during this period will result in a refund of all monies paid, with the exception of all the academics fees.
3. Withdrawal after the first week of class (drop/add period) will result in no refund.
4. UNAD Florida reserves the right to dismiss a student for insufficient progress, non‐payment of tuition and/or fees, or failure to comply with the rules and regulations of UNAD Florida.

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