UNAD Florida University offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships designed to help you and your family pay for university. Scholarships and grants are types of gift aid that do not have to be repaid. They may take the form of University scholarships, grants, or outside scholarships.

Scholarships Policy and Application Forms

This policy covers all aspects related to the scholarships awarded by UNAD Florida. It includes the application and selection process, the benefits granted and the conditions to maintain the awarded scholarship.

All applicants will be treated with dignity and respect, providing the same opportunities to all students without regard to color, race, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by law.

Scholarship Qualifications and Requirements

UNAD alumni 30% of tuition fees

  • Proof of being a UNAD  alumni
  • Transcripts demonstrating a good academic performance while studying in UNAD 
  • Awarded: once per program

UNAD alumni family member 20% of tuition fees

  • Proof of being family at UNAD alumni
  • Awarded: once per program

Humanitarian Reasons 20% of tuition fees

  • Proof of economic need and other extreme social and political situations that challenge their well-being: low-income proof, political asylum,  natural disaster victim
  • Awarded: once per program

Outstanding Academic Performance 20% of tuition fees

  • Proof of academic performance demonstrating the student has a minimum GPA of 3.3 for undergraduate and 3.6 for graduate programs.
  • Awarded: once per program

Professors 25% of tuition fees

  • Proof of academic participation as a teacher.
  • Letter of references attesting to applicants’ experiences of conducting research and their interest in continuing to do so.
  • Awarded: once per program

Research & Knowledge (graduate) 10% of tuition fees

  • Proof of academic involvement in research: publications, newspapers, awards, recognition, or letters from faculty members. 
  • References letter testifying applicant experiences of doing research experiences and interest 
  • Awarded: once per program

Social Responsibility 10% of tuition fees

  • Proof of community participation: church, local community, shelters, or participation in non-profit organizations
  • Awarded: once per program

Military & Police 10% of tuition fees

  • Proof of being member of military or police institution or group
  • Awarded: once per program

Sport & Arts 10% of tuition fees

  • Proof of outstanding performance in arts or sports: awards, contests or Reference letters attesting to the applicant’s outstanding performance
  • Awarded: once per program

Heavy course load term (undergraduate) 10% of tuition fees

  • Proof of registering 5 courses per term (undergraduate programs) and demonstrating a minimum GPA of 2.5 
  • Awarded: once per term

Students who are awarded a UNAD Florida scholarship must comply with ALL the requirements of the scholarship during the time it is awarded:


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