Undergraduate Programs

As required by the Commission for Independent Education, students pursuing a BACHELORS of Science Degree Program at UNAD must successfully complete a minimum of 120 semester credit hours. The total credit hours for the BACHELORS of Science Degree (10 courses) is 30 credit hours (mandatory) of prescribed general education courses. Credit hours remaining to complete the 120 credit hours shall be drawn from other major courses or major concentration courses.

UNAD Florida strives to give equal opportunity to all students in order to acquire a post-secondary education. Admission to an undergraduate program is open to students with a high school diploma, GED recipients, and home education graduates who have completed requirements in accordance with Florida statutes. Enrollment is also open to students transferring from another college or university. UNAD Florida has implemented an oral interview with prospective student to determine their ability to complete and benefit from their studies, and to evaluate if their professional goals after graduation are a fit for their desired academic program. During the interview, we also assess the skills and knowledge that they possess to conduct or pursue an online program. If needed, student candidates are given training on usage of online tools, resources, and platforms for online learning. During the admission process, special consideration is given to Hispanics when requesting evidence of English language proficiency

In order to be admitted to an undergraduate course of study, prospective students must:

  1. Fill out, complete and return the Application for Admission.
  2. Pay the $100.00 USD non-refundable application fee to be sent in with the Admission Application.
  3. Copy of Applicant ID
  4. Request copy of diploma from your high school. Additionally, In the case of transfer students, official original academic transcripts of all your previous colleges or universities.
  5. If the High School diploma is granted outside the United States the applicant must submit copy of the diploma translated to English by an official translator. In the case of transfer students, all your previous colleges or universities original documents translated, and register for the TOEFL exam and submit proof of registration with application. UNAD FL Code is B236. Information can be found at, or register the form English course, offered by UNAD Florida.

Upon Admission, Students Must:

  1. Submit a completed and signed Enrollment Agreement.
  2. If the High School Diploma is granted outside the United States, an English Language Proficiency Assessment is required, see this information link ELPA 
  3. Arrange for their initial down payment to begin studies and confirm payment plan. Payment plans must be confirmed with a credit card or automatic payment deductions from a bank account.
  4. Complete Quiz to study online. 
  5. Attend Induction Course at UNAD, orientation session where the structure, policies, procedures, and management of the platform of studies the program are discussed.

Requirements for all BACHELORS Degree Programs

In order to complete a BACHELORS of Science Degree successfully, a student must take 30 Credits of General Education Courses. Some of these General Education requirements are lower division courses and other are upper division courses. Generally, Lower Division General Education courses are taken during the first two academic year sand all General Education Upper Division courses are generally taken during the last two years of the BACHELORS’s Degree.

General education requirements for BACHELORS of science degree programs (30 credit hours)

Course Number Course Title Credits/Type
SOC111 Sociology 3 credits/Social Science
HUM123 Philosophy 3 credits/Humanities
COM111 English Composition I 3 credits/Communications
COM121 English Composition II 3 credits/Communications
COM234 Oral Communication 3 credits/ Communications
MAT111 Algebra & Trigonometry 3 credits/Math
HUM122 Ethics & Values 3 credits/Humanities
HUM111 Government and Democracy 3 credits/Social Science
ECO121 Economics 3 credits/Social Science
NAS233 Life Science 3 credits/Natural Sciences
SOC122 Psychology 3 credits/Social Science
BUS234 Computer Introduction 3 credits/Digital Literacy
SOC234 Sociology of Culture 3 credits/Social Science
COM123 Fundamentals of Communication 3 credits/Communications
BUS 111 Introduction to Business 3credits/Administrative Sciences
CES121 Introduction to Information Technology 3 credits/Technology
HST121 Computer Assembly 3 credits/Hardware
MAT122 Algorithms 3 credits/Math
MAT123 Differential & Integral Calculus 3 credits/Math
NAS121 Physics I 3 credits/Math
BUS122 General Accounting 3 credits/Administrative Sciences
COM235 Comunication Symbols 3 credits/Communications
MAT358 Statistics and Probability 3 credits/Math
HPS231 Neurobiology 3 credits/Physiology
MAT235 Logic 3 credits/Math

In accordance with the guidelines of the Florida Department of Education, a minimum of 45 total credits in general education must be part of any BA program (15 courses) or a minimum of 30 total credits for any BS program (10 courses). The general education courses available are:

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