Convocatorias Board of Directors 2017

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Cursos núcleo de Educación General: 30 Horas de Crédito
Código de Curso Curso Créditos Pre-Req
COM111 English Composition I 3
COM121 English Composition II 3 COM111
SOC111 Sociology 3
NAS233 Life Science 3
HUM122 Ethics and Values 3
SOC122 Psychology 3
HUM123 Philosophy 3
HUM111 Government and Democracy 3
MAT111 Algebra and Trigonometry 3
MAT358 Statistics and Probability 3
Cursos del Programa: 90 Horas de Crédito
Código de Curso Curso Créditos Pre-Req
BUS111 Introduction to Business 3
BUS122 General Accounting 3
CES121 Introduction to Information Technology 3
ADV242 Advertising and Publishing Market 3
CMM231 Logistic 3
CMM484 Occupational Health 3
IND231 Industrial Goods 3
IND242 Industrial Management & Design 3 IND231
IND353 Retail and Wholesaling 3 IND242
IND364 Prospective of Production 3 IND353
IND365 International Industrial Commerce 3
INT481 Internship 6
TCH241 Technology and Systematization 3
BUS235 Costs and Budgets 3
BUS236 Market and Management Development 3 ECO121
BUS367 Strategic Planning 3
BUS369 Financial Management and Negotiations 3 BUS236
BUS470 Public and Contemporary Administration 3 BUS369
ECO232 Microeconomics 3
ECO243 Macroeconomics 3 ECO232
ECO354 Economy Support, Promotion and Development 3 ECO243
MAN231 Administrative Theories and Processes 3
MAN242 Organization and Methods 3 MAN231
MAN353 Entrepreneurial Diagnostics 3 MAN242
MAN354 Commercial and Fiscal Law 3 MAN353
ELE361 Elective I 3
MAN475 Organizational Behavior 3 MAN354
MAN486 Human Resources Management 3 MAN475
BUS481 Project Evaluation 3 BUS235
MAT481 Financial Mathematics 3 MAT369