About UNAD Florida

About us

About us?

We are an online education institution that trains professionals in the areas of Business, Engineering, and Education, by administering innovative teaching and learning processes adapted to the reality and personal, social, and professional environment of our students.

We distinguish ourselves by promoting innovation in teaching and the permanent promotion of knowledge, through the practice of knowledge, with the personalized guidance of students, the relevance of processes and the link with the productive sector and employer.

How do you learn in UNAD Florida?

Through active, self-managed, integrating, innovative, contextualized, relevant, and transformative learning

What are the Characteristics of Education offered by UNAD Florida?

  • Student-centered teaching

  • Curriculum administered under an innovative, socialized, cooperative, constructivist, humanistic, global, and integral concept

  • Virtual learning as a means and / or tool for the administration of instruction and the achievement of expected learning


    UNAD Florida is a private, independent 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation registered under the laws of the State of Florida. Its Board of Directors under its bylaws governs the corporation. UNAD Florida is registered with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, to do business in Florida as UNAD Florida.

    It was organized as a private university on July 24, 2000 and granted 501(c) 3 tax exempt status on November 3, 2003. It was conceived to serve Colombian, Hispanic, and underserved populations in the United States and throughout the world abroad. It was licensed as an online university on January 26, 2004 by Florida’s Department of Education Commission on Independent Education. The university is a professionally and professional, academically oriented institution. Their faculties are credentialed in their fields of expertise and meet all standards set by the Department of Education.

    UNAD Florida is an institution of higher learning that offers BACHELORS, Masters's, and Doctoral degree programs duly licensed by the State of Florida Department of Education. UNAD Florida provides undergraduate studies as well as programs for professionals and entrepreneurs wishing to continue at the graduate level.

    UNAD Florida is an online university dedicated to preparing graduates to be competitive professionals in the global workforce. We offer Undergraduate and Graduate programs in various educative and administrative fields utilizing the latest online tools to efficiently deliver a solid yet flexible course load for our students.

    All our programs are fully online and operate through virtual means giving our students the flexibility to study remotely at their desired location and time. With full access to electronic content and resources, a complete online library, and support from our highly qualified faculty, the course of study is dynamic, interactive and participatory.

    UNAD Florida is committed to the development of human potential, through an educational methodology based on new information technologies and content, oriented to the most demanded work opportunities. UNAD Florida promotes quality, excellence, efficiency, relevance and social responsibility for a better present and future of our society.

    Statement of Purpose

  • To foster a vigorous, diverse learning environment shaped by contemporary awareness, intellectual inquiry, and a shared search for truth in which students gain knowledge and build skills and values useful in their personal and career development.
  • To cultivate student-centered learning at all levels, supported by technological resources and led by qualified faculty and staff who are guided by contemporary scholarship and professional practice.
  • To promote the development of foundational values relevant to leadership in the 21st century: self-worth, creativity, interdependence, service, integrity, and effectiveness.
  • To foster intellectual and personal growth, sensitivity to diversity and human dignity, effective and responsible leadership, environmental responsibility, and lifelong learning.
  • To offer online degree programs with foundational perspective, breadth and professional relevance for undergraduate and graduate students.